Eden Dogsledding
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Spring, Summer and Fall Dogsledding-On-Wheels™ (Dog Carting)

Once the snow stops flying we are able to offer Dogsledding-On-Wheels TM Tours during the spring, summer and fall.  Although different from snow sledding, it's just as much fun - and much less chilly!  Our educational tours allow you to meet our free-range "UN-Chained Gang" of people pleasing, loving and fun Alaskan Huskies in a personal, more relaxed way than the busy winter season allows. Every UN-Chained Gang tour is a great educational experience. You will learn about dog conciousness, pack dynamics, social order as well as the ins and outs of the world of dogsledding. The dogs love to show you how to harness and hitch them to our specially designed cart and then take you for a ride on our incredible trail system. The ride portion of the tour is a demonstration of canine teamwork. Our unique "pond stop"  gives the dogs a chance to cool off, allowing us to offer tours even when other sledding establishments are closed for the summer, or dangerously overheating their dogs.  At the pond you can watch the dog's playful antics - swimming in the water, jumping for cookies and racing laps around the pond.  Depending on the season you may spot deer, turkeys and many other species of birds, including ducks, herons and hawks and maybe even a moose!

Watch a Dogsledding-On-Wheels adventure!

Open Daily, Tours at 9:30 or 10:00 and as available other times

Reservations are required!  E-mail us or call 866-635-9070 to schedule your tour!

Experience Summer Dogsledding-On-Wheels™ tours in our 2 passenger high-performance, wheeled sled!  Prices are per group, up to 4 - members of your party take a turn, 2 at a time, riding in the wheeled sled. Passenger weight limit of 350 pounds.  All summer tours include a stop at the pond to let the dogs swim, cool off and recharge!  Tours are run RAIN OR SHINE --the dogs love to run with wet fur coats! We have ponchos you can use in rainy weather. 

5% cash discount offered to save on credit card fees


 The Un-Chained Gang Alpha Tour -  Come for an exclusive, behind the scenes look at the lifestyle of our dogs and the tremendous amount of effort that goes into ensuring each of them gets the respect it deserves.  Our premium tour provides an instructional, hands-on, doggie interactive, fun life experience and is tailored for those that want to support the Un-Chained Gang (never chained) ethical, SLED DOG care philosophy. 
Tour starts with a meet and greet the team and experiencing their unbelievable, individual personalities.  Proceed to an in-depth, explainative kennel tour including our championship bloodlines, feeding and nutritional requirements and health maintenance.  Participate in harnessing the dogs, hitching your team to the wheeled sled and then go for an exciting ride with a stop at the pond allowing the dogs to cool off with a swim!
There will be plenty of time for questions and to immerse yourself in the world of dogsledding!  If there are more than 2 people, the ride portion of the tour is split, with 2 passengers at a time in the cart. The second riders can take photos or videos  or just enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery. Summer heat and humidity limits the length of ride time spent in the sled which will be between 20 and 30 minutes.
This is our most comprehensive tour and provides a real understanding of our ethical working dog facility.
Total tour time runs 3 hours.  

4 person maximum.  Additional persons $25 each

TOUR TIME: 9:30 or 10:00      (other times as available)

up to 4 people


With 5% Cash Discount! $470


Summer Vacation Beta Tour - This is our most popular tour with lots of hands-on fun!  Learn how to harness the dogs and hitch the team to the wheeled sled, then go for a fun ride including a pond stop where the dogs can cool off. If more than 2 people, all guests take turns in our 2-passenger cart, while the second riders take photos or videos. In the summer, heat and humidity limits the length of time you spend in the sled to between 20 and 30 minutes.
Your visit will average  2 1/4 - 2 1/2 hours. 

4 person maximum.  Additional persons $25 each

TOUR TIME: 9:30 or 10:00      (other times as available)

up to 4 people

 With 5% Cash Discount!


Omega Tour - A shortened version of the Beta tour. You meet your team, help us harness and hitch and then go for a spirited ride, including a pond stop where the dogs get to cool off. If more than 2 people, all guests take turns in our 2-passenger cart. Summer heat and humidity limits the length of time you spend on the ride portion of the tour to between 20 and 30 minutes.  This tour offers less hands-on time with the dogs than our Beta tour, but all the sledding excitement!
Your visit will be  1 1/2 hours. 

2 person maximum.  Additional persons $25 each.

TOUR TIME: 9:30      (other times as available)

up to 2 people

With 5% cash Discount!

$25 for each additional person


Fall Training Run - Offered with the cooler temperatures in October, November, and December. This is a non-pond stop sled dog training run that helps get our dogs in shape for the winter season. Fast and fun for 1 or 2 passengers only!
Limited to 1 hour sessions.

TOUR TIME: 3:30 or call to check our schedule


With 5% cash discount! $142


Learn to Drive a Dogsledding-on-Wheels™ Team! Our Premium Summer Tour PLUS learn to drive with our small training cart, and then drive the team! Your lesson includes in-depth instruction on harnessing, hitching, care of the dogs, wheeled sled handling, and commands. 2 People maximum. Approx. a 3 Hour Session.


for up to 2 people

Reservations are required!  E-mail us or call 866-635-9070 to schedule your tour!


Visit out lodging site for details

What our guests have to say -

Hey Jim - I just wanted to thank you for how special you treated us when we visited last month.  Eden Dogsledding and Dogsledding-On-Wheels is an asset to Vermont that everyone should know about.  Johnny has not stopped talking about the dogs or the dogsled-ride-on-wheels.  After everything else we did while in Vermont, our visit with you guys is all he can talk about. . . and the first thing I bring up with friends when they ask about the trip. . . I truly can’t thank you enough. . . . we will return . .  P.S. . Johnny asked if you would tell all the dogs hello from him . . especially Luna!”Johnny, Lisa and John -Gulfport, Mississippi

“We want to thank you for an adventurous tour last Sunday with the dogs!  We had a great time and we loved all the dogs.  They were all so adorable and friendly and it is clear they are very happy.  They definitely have a good home and we can tell they are very loved.  We especially loved Luna, she’s a sweetheart and we wished we could take her home!  We plan on coming back next summer for another visit!” 
Amy and Christian -June 2007

“We thought it would be fun when we saw the brochure,

but this is more magical than words could ever describe!”

“You have to find a way to tell people about this! “

“It is so beautiful here!!!!”

“These dogs are great!”

"Mom, can I live here?"

  Our Dogs Make the Difference; Playful, people-friendly, powerful Alaskan Huskies. Animal welfare prioritized.