Eden Dogsledding
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Spring, Summer and Fall Dogsledding-On-Wheels™ (Dog Carting)

Once the snow stops flying we are able to offer Dogsledding-On-Wheels TM Tours during the spring, summer and fall.  Although different from snow sledding, it's just as much fun - and much less chilly!  Our educational tours allow you to meet our free-range "UN-Chained Gang" of people pleasing, loving and fun Alaskan Huskies in a personal, more relaxed way than the busy winter season allows.  You will learn about dog conciousness, pack dynamics, social order as well as the ins and outs of the world of dogsledding. The dogs love to show you how to harness and hitch them to our specially designed cart and then take you for a ride on our incredible trail system. The ride portion of the tour is a demonstration of canine teamwork. Our unique "pond stop"  gives the dogs a chance to cool off, allowing us to offer tours in the summer.  Watch the dog's playful antics - swimming in the water, jumping for cookies and racing laps around the pond.  Depending on the season you may spot wildlife and maybe even a moose!

Summer Dog Carting

Check out our summer video!             

SUMMER TOURS10:00     A 4:00 tour time may be available if the 10:00 time is not available.
Open 7 days a week / reservations required.

Call 866-635-9070 to schedule your tour!

Experience Summer Dogsledding-On-WheelsTM  Come experience the UN-Chained Gang!-our international sprint champion Alaskan sled dogs who will clown, swim, and race for you.  You will be harnessing and hitching the dog team for a fun educational adventure in our beautiful Vermont mountain location. Share the dogs' enjoyment and enthusiasm as they take you on a tour of our scenic trail system while your ride on our high performance German wheeled sled. Interaction with the UN-Chained Gang and the duration of your tour is dependent on the type of tour you choose.  Please see tour descriptions below.



-Weight limit per cart is 350 lbs. and can fit 2 adults and 2 small children (children 12 and over )  Ride time can be split between passengers if weight limit or number of persons exceeds these limits.  An extra weight sled can be arranged to accommodate up to 425 lbs. Additional $30 rate applies.  Specifics will be arranged when booking a tour, please call.

-Ride times vary depending on the temperature and humidity,

-DO NOT USE GPS for directions.  Please see our directions and/or call us.

-Please arrive on time for tours, not earlier or later.  Due to summer scheduling and chores we are often not available until the scheduled tour time.  Thanks!

-Please wear close-toed shoes. long pants, and eye protection(sunglasses work great!).  We do have loaner goggles.


Beta Tour  Do you love animals?  Then come in and meet the UN-Chained Gang!  The first thing you will see is a room filled with happy, loving doggy friends sleeping and relaxing everywhere.  Our dogs are one-of-a-kind who are able to be friendly and socialize, while also being a champion sprint racing team.  How do we do it with 40 dogs?  The dogs themselves are the miracle who, with a little help from us, have mostly learned from a constantly emerging pack behavior.  Witness the amazing results of this canine consciousness for yourself!  You can hang out with them and pet them on the couch and then help harness and hitch the dogs up.  Watch them joyously anticipate the run right before they shoot off and take you zipping through our beautiful wooded trail system.  This tour also includes a pleasant leisurely pond break within your wheeled sled ride, snacks, beverages, and free postcards.

$375 per tour for up to 2 people, additional persons $25 ea. Up to 6 persons total per tour. More than 6 guests will require booking a second sled.

Your purchase helps support The UN-Chained Gang and our Canine Consciousness Project.  Donations welcome!

5% Cash Discount $375 plus tax

2 hr tour time


25-30 min ride time -
temperature sensative

(not including tax)

Omega Tour  An abbreviated version of the Beta tour that still allows you to meet and experience the UN-Chained Gang.  You meet the dog team, harness and hitch up a few dogs, and during your wheeled sled ride there is a short pond stop to allow the dogs to cool off.  Also includes snacks, beverages, and free postcards.

$245 per tour for up to 2 people, additional persons $25 ea. Up to 4 persons total per tour

Your purchase helps support The UN-Chained Gang and our Canine Consciousness Project.  Donations welcome!

5% Cash Discount $230 plus tax

1 hr tour time

15-25 min ride time -
temperature sensative

(not including tax)


Alpha Tour Our premium tour allows you a complete immersive perspective on The Unchained Gang's one-of-a-kind dog culture created by our 6th generation pack/human raising.  Observe the real original canine consciousness that is constantly evolving and emerging among our 37-40 dogs.  Get an exclusive behind the scenes look of how Jim Blair, our head musher, has broken the mold on dogsled racing conventions and preconceptions with a philosophy that is shaped by his love and respect of our four legged friends.  Pick Jim's brain on the dogs' feeding and nutritional requirements, and their breeding program.  This tour includes a walking tour of our kennels, the hands-on experience of harnessing and hitching the dogs, a trail run on our custom made German wheeled sleds, a fun pond break, snacks and beverages, and free postcards.  If you are fellow animal lover and want to support our Canine Consciousness Project to promote a better world for humans and dogs alike, then this is the tour for you!

$495 per tour for up to 4 people.
Up to $995 with donation for the Un-Chained Gang. Your purchase and welcome donation helps support The UN-Chained Gang and our Canine Consciousness Project. 

5% cash discount-$470 plus tax

3 hour tour


20-30 min. ride time -
temperature sensative

(not including tax)

Fall Training Runs  Join in on the UN-Chained Gang's champion level training and zip through our wooded trails on our German wheeled sleds.  Offered in November and December during cooler temperatures, this is a non-stop run that helps our dogs get in shape for the winter racing season.  1-2 passengers only.  Snacks and beverages included.

$195 minimum for 1-2 people

Your purchase helps support The UN-Chained Gang and our Canine Consciousness Project.  Donations welcome!

5% cash discount-$185 plus tax

30-45 minute ride


(not including tax)

Kennel Tour Want to learn about dogsledding & mushing, but your not so keen on the sled ride?  The Kennel Tour is for you! Come and see how Jim Blair raises the UN-Chained Gang to be fast sled dogs who love to run, but who are also healthy, friendly, and sociable.  See how the dogs interact within a pack dynamic and how this sixth generation has evolved to display a collective Canine Consciousness.

$195 for up to 4 people


up to 4 people

VTer Go-Fur-It!  We love Vermont!  We like to show our pride in our state and our community by providing a special deal to our fellow Vermonters-10% off all of our regular tour prices(not including Kennel Tour)!  So come and visit us and meet the UN-Chained Gang!

Dependant on availability-please call

All participants must live in Vermont-VT ID's or licenses will be asked for.

Tours discounted10%

(Kennel Tour not included)

WE WELCOME CAMPERS & CLUBS!  Check out our Groups and Camps page!

 Campers welcome!

Reservations are required!  E-mail us or call 866-635-9070 to schedule your tour!

Sorry, but no walk-ins or surprise visits.  Thank you!


Visit out lodging site for details

What our guests have to say -

Hey Jim - I just wanted to thank you for how special you treated us when we visited last month.  Eden Dogsledding and Dogsledding-On-Wheels is an asset to Vermont that everyone should know about.  Johnny has not stopped talking about the dogs or the dogsled-ride-on-wheels.  After everything else we did while in Vermont, our visit with you guys is all he can talk about. . . and the first thing I bring up with friends when they ask about the trip. . . I truly can’t thank you enough. . . . we will return . .  P.S. . Johnny asked if you would tell all the dogs hello from him . . especially Luna!”Johnny, Lisa and John -Gulfport, Mississippi

“We want to thank you for an adventurous tour last Sunday with the dogs!  We had a great time and we loved all the dogs.  They were all so adorable and friendly and it is clear they are very happy.  They definitely have a good home and we can tell they are very loved.  We especially loved Luna, she’s a sweetheart and we wished we could take her home!  We plan on coming back next summer for another visit!” 
Amy and Christian -June 2007

“We thought it would be fun when we saw the brochure,

but this is more magical than words could ever describe!”

“You have to find a way to tell people about this! “

“It is so beautiful here!!!!”

“These dogs are great!”

"Mom, can I live here?"

  Our Dogs Make the Difference; Playful, people-friendly, powerful Alaskan Huskies. Animal welfare prioritized.