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Welcome to an Heirloom, ETHICAL Sled Dog Sanctuary!

2024 Snow season ended with nearly 150 days on SNOW! An authentic experience, we deliver YEAR AFTER YEAR the longest, uninterrupted season on NATURAL SNOW, of any guided tour company!

"Home of the Magnificent UN-Chained Gang"

Come experience the Exceptional One-Of-A-Kind Un-Chained Gang, when you come for your ride and Real Call of the Wild Wilderness Experience

Winter rates start at $1295 BETA Tour, $2000 ALPHA, $2500 UN-Chained Gang donation tour.

 We have the well socialized Dogs who receive proper ETHICAL care.

Our 140 acre scenic property has incredible views, engineered trails and equipment to maintain them.

Our Gem, RARE location with reliable natural snow

A Dream You will Remember Forever


Your Dream of a Lifetime tour for children and Adults. Our MAGICAL TOURS PRICES ARE BECAUSE Keeping Sled Dogs ETHICALLY and HUMANELY costs ten times more than INDUSTRY STANDARDS. Our Sanctuary does NOT CHAIN TO DOGHOUSES and is Cruelty Free. WE ADORE and LOVE our dogs.

People come from all over the world for our TRUE CALL OF THE WILD Experience and return again.
Our Un-Chained Gang property is set in the midst of 10,000 acres of Vermont Gorgeous Mountain Scenery.
Gentle, Fun-lovng Dogs - NO CHAINS - They have a Great Life Year Round! In Spring, Summer, fall and Winter where they can run and play freely.
This is the REAL Dog Sledding Sanctuary for people who love dogs, love nature, and want to have a tue Call of the Wild Experience.
Musher and Visionary Jim Blair is an International race Champion who has dedicated his life to providing the public with an opportunity to experience real dog sledding, with loving dogs, on trails where the dog teams REALLY perform and show YOU how intelligent and capable they are -  Other "Doggie ride" companies chain or cage their dogs and take you on snow mobile trails or in circles.
Our bottom line is quality of life for sled dogs - their bottom line is PROFIT - Google the "Horrors of Dog Sledding"

For over 20 years we are the Gold Standard of Ethical Dogsledding in North America. THANK YOU for ALL the patrons who make this possible! Your support helps makes this sustainable as the cost for tours does not cover the yearly expenses for providing, well trained kennel staff, vet care, proper nutrition, elder dog care, the infrastructure, trail maintenance, mortgage for the kennel, and more.
Thank you for joining the VISION that all working dogs deserve LIVES that are CHAIN-FREE and Beloved !!!
Thank you for visiting Our Website - We hope after viewing the rate page you will make a reservation and come for the Experience of a Lifetime!
ONSITE Plowed parking, indoor changing and restroom


Eden ETHICAL Sled Dog Sanctuary and Adventures Advises all customers that due to Weather Instability we cannot guarantee snow.

People LOVE our wheeled sleds for non-snow including Winter Adventures. NO cancellation due to lack of snow

Real dogsledding is a dying art-as we present it is an herlooom experience.



 Summer Dogsledding-on-Wheels

Winter Dogsledding


Step into the world of the UN-Chained Gang and discover true Canine Consciousness and dog pack dynamics!

Welcome! We invite you to learn about the International Sprint Race Champions, TheUN-Chained Gang and Champion race musher, Jim Blair’s revolutionary vision of ethical dog sledding. For twenty years we have stood for love, quality care – no lives on chains! – and sharing the joy that well kept, Alaskan Huskies bring to children and adults - humanity!

The vision of Eden Ethical Dog Sledding is to share the true joy of living with sled dogs and the wilderness journey that they have made possible for humans for thousands of years. We have developed an OASIS for the UN-Chained Gang and the guests of all ages that come for our educational, fun, all season adventure tours. Over the last 18 years we have developed miles of real trail system that is JUST for dogsledding, a real journey back into the magical time when dogs and humans worked and lived together. In the midst of thousands of acres of Northern Vermont mountain beauty, we offer a million dollar trail system for dogsledding with the top sled dog racers – The UN-Chained Gang – who stand for proving that dogs can go fast, be our best friends, win internationally and provide friendship to the many guests they have visited each year from all over the world. International Sprint Sled Dog Champion, Jim Blair, invites you to come to participate in this real canine, interactive experience.

Our tours are hands-on, where you experience the love and joy that these special dogs of the UN-Chained Gang bring to everyone a Discovery Channel experience where you learn to make up a team, harness each dog, hitch up the team, then go for a tour over our amazing trail system - - THE ONLY BUILT AND MAINTAINED DAILY TRAIL SYSTEM FOR DOG SLEDDING IN THE LOWER 48 STATES!!!!!

We have a comfortable learning center where you meet and can cuddle with our gentile, for children and adults, champion race dogs, who are often lounging on couches and enjoying the wood stove in winter. In spring, summer and fall we have imported, high performance, wheeled, European sled/carts that take you on a great tour that includes stops for a pond swim for the dogs and lots of playful interaction with these amazing, charming characters.

This is the real deal, wilderness experience. People come back often, hooked on this unique experience. This is not a “cheap, doggie ride” – your tour dollars go to support the vision of Ethical Dog Sledding for all sled dogs that we have stood for in racing and touring for the last 20 years. WE ARE NOT like any other race or tour kennel in Canada or the USA. Our award winning dogs are known world-wide for their individual personalities and love of humans.

Eden ETHICAL Dog Sledding is proud to share fun, educational tours in our Vermont mountain, wilderness location with our INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION race sled dogs. Learn more about us by exploring this site and watching some of our videos. Then call us to reserve a tour that best suits your interests!

I love the UN-Chained Gang – my favorite dogs are Grettel and Simba – what cuddlers!”
Wow! I never knew this was on my Bucket list – now I know it was at the top!”
“The beauty on the trails – the dogs working as a team – I loved it!– Dog-Sleddin’-On-Wheels is so much fun. The dogs are great – and such clowns at the pond! This is why I come back each year!”


We hope to see you soon!

Jim Blair and The Un-Chained Gang -

Abby, Annie, Arrow, Aslan, Babouch, Bandit, Ben, Betsy, Brain, Charlie, Flint, Fred, Grettel, Honovi, Jersey, Jerry, Leonard, Llewellyn, Lucky, Maski, Melvin, Mitzy, Mufasa, Polly, Phyllis, Princess, Rambo, Rose, Rusty, Simba, Songan, Storm, Tuna, Waffle and Wes, and our Angel/Heart friends -
Luna, Stormina, Lionuss, Maple, Amos, Buttercup, Bear, Buster, Hosta and Peaberry


*We gratefully accept donations for our Canine Consciousness & educational work!


Watch a springtime tour from start to finish!

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View our rates page with tour choices starting at $1295 - $2500 to schedule your tour, the phone no. is there. Ask for TOUR NOW TODAY SPECIAL (not for future reservation)! During the December Holidays due to Weather Instability we cannot guarantee snow due to climate change :(

We offer Adventures with our wheeled sleds if there is no snow

We also have Home-Away-From-Home lodging at Eden Mountain Lodge! Also see our value-added Stay & Sled packages!

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The Luna Tales-coming soon!

Our new adventure series The Luna Tales-Book One-The Wisdom Runners

--starring our very own Luna, Peaberry, & The UN-Chained Gang!--