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Sled Weight Requirements

Our loving, fun and fast, cuddly dogs love to take you for a ride!  For them it is not work but a fun outing.  However, they are real, live beings and thus they have limitations.  For your enjoyment and safety, as well as theirs, we have strict weight guidelines for our sleds. 

There is a maximum weight limit of 350 lbs of passenger weight and no more than two adults or three children per sled. Above this weight a second team and sled must be used to accommodate your group, or you can "split" your tour (see our rates page for more information). We do have XL sleds that can accommodate over 350 lbs (up to 395 lbs) available with advance scheduling, if weather conditions allow.  Use of this sled requires certain consideration for which dogs are required, so there is an additional fee of $50 for this service. 

Please call us at 802-635-9070 if you have any questions about the number of sleds your group will need.  We hope that you will understand the need for our weight requirement.