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Real Reasons to Choose Eden Ethical Dogsledding

1) FUN AND EDUCATIONAL ADVENTURE FOR ALL AGES.  Our tours are not just “doggie rides,” driving tourists for profit.  Here, our goal has always been to provide a learning experience through a personalized educational program.  You will learn about the sport of dog sledding as well as dog conciousness, social order, and, pack dynamics. You will meet the dogs, and harness and hitch your own dog team.  After your tour you will be able to feed the dogs treats, and hug and bond with your favorites.  And there’s always plenty of time to ask questions and discover more!  Our tours typically range from two to three hours in length-- time to have a one-of-a-kind, full participation adventure experience.  We customize our tours to create a fun, educational visit for people of any age or comfort level.  Children especially enjoy cuddle time with the dogs and receiving their “handler certificate” which they can show their friends at home.  We encourage you to take pictures and video to record your visit.

2) ETHICALLY TREATED, FREE-RANGE, NEVER CHAINED DOGS.  We are truly unique, with one of the only free-range dog kennels in North America. Our dogs swim in our pond, play ball and tug, take road trips to the store, go hiking, sleep in beds, and can always socialize with people.  We feed a hand-mixed menu of chicken, special working dog kibble, fish and egg meal,oils, and supplements.  We plan for our dogs from inception until retirement, making sure that when they’re too old to pull they have loving homes waiting for them.  All this gives us happy, healthy dogs that love people, and live long into comfortable retirements.  Here at Eden Dog Sledding, we believe that all sled dogs deserve to have a happy, healthy, safe life with proper respect.

3) YOUR HOSTS, JIM BLAIR AND THE UN-CHAINED GANG: INTERNATIONAL DOG SLEDDING CHAMPIONS.  Jim has combined his love of dogs with the fun and skill of Sled Dog Sprint-racing to become a regional, national, and international race champion.  The Un-Chained Gang (his dog teams) are powerful and win many champoinships.  Jim believes that education, fun, caring for the environment, and animal welfare can all be combined to make a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience. Why not sled with the best?

4) LOCATION AND TRAILS. We are located in the midst of three thousand acres of protected Vermont Wilderness--in a famous snow belt. You will be awe-struck by the beautiful, quiet woods, and open fields with long- range views of the Lowell Mountains. Our trails are privately built and maintained for dog sledding by our staff and our trail grooming equipment. You will not be sharing the trail with snowmobiles or other loud, dangerous equipment. Our snowy micro-climate guarantees that we will have great snow even when the ski resorts and the rest of Vermont have mud. Race mushers from all over New England and Canada like our location and trails so much that they come here to train. You can even stay right on site in our cozy cottage and lodge.

5) GUEST COMFORT. The comfort of our guests is a top priority here at Eden Ethical Dog Sledding. Our warm and cozy educational center provides a comfy place to learn and get ready for your sled tour, and to laugh and share stories by the woodstove when you get back. Guests with family and friends who do not choose to go on the tour are welcome to stay and sit by the fire. We offer guests tasty snacks (often locally made) and hot drinks in the winter, or cold lemonade in the Summer. Our special tour sleds are designed by owner and International Sprint Sled Champion, Jim Blair, with your comfort and safety a priority!  We offer warm blankets, goggles, and hand warmers in the Winter. In the Spring, Summer, and Fall you can enjoy taking in the magnificent view of the Lowell Mountain Range.

Summer Run6) SAFE TOURS WITH EXPERIENCED DRIVERS. We take pride in our excellent safety record! The sport of dog sledding, as with most other sports, comes with some challenges. That's why we make sure our dog team drivers are experienced mushers and racers who are committed to the dogs and to your safety.

7) OPEN YEAR-ROUND WITH DOG-SLEDDING-ON-WHEELS! Winter is not the only time to visit! You can have an exciting, educational adventure even if you're visiting Vermont in Spring, Summer, or Fall. Our specially built German cart will take you safely through our trails – guaranteeing fun, learning, and the thrill of running with the dogs!

8) TOURS AVAILABLE 7 DAYS A WEEK, FOR ONE PERSON TO LARGE GROUPS. Tours are offered at several convenient times throughout the day. If you have a larger group, we can work with you to provide a fun experience for all, with sleds for all of the members of your group (please call ahead). If you're alone, we'll customize your tour to your individual interests.

9) CUDDLE AND PLAY WITH OUR FRIENDLY, HOME-RAISED DOGS. Our dogs, The UN-Chained Gang, are a unique pack of five generation human/pack raised dogs.  They are free-range, never chained, well socialized - so they  are loving, sociable, and huggable. They adore guests, and can't wait to help teach you about the sport. They'll be happy to let you cuddle and play with them as you learn to harness and hitch them --and of course they'll be ecstatic about taking you for a ride!

10) YOUR MONEY SUPPORTS A GOOD CAUSE. Eden Ethical Dog Sledding is in the process of becoming an educational non-profit. In the future we plan to offer a variety of educational and fun programming for children, adults and those with special needs. When you come for a fun, memorable, educational adventure - your dollars help us to create our future vision where the UN-Chained Gang share their joy with others, as well as the benifits canines can share with humans -  while continuing to provide exceptional quality care for the dogs from conception to their loving retirement!!!