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Our Trails

Our trail system is absolutely the best!  Trails have been specially planned, engineered and built, at a cost of thousands of dollars in materials alone, so that you will have a fun and exciting adventure through our 140 acres of forest and meadows in the midst of 3000 acres of pristine, protected, Vermont Land Trust wilderness.  The great views of the Lowell Mountain range have our guests begging us to stop so that they can take pictures!

As we are a real center for Dog sledding where race mushers and dog-powered sports enthusiasts come from all New England and Canada to train their teams - and because we offer our wonderful, Discovery Channel type fun, learning experiences with our friendly, huggable dogs - we have snow grooming equipment and a full time staff to maintain our trails - just as you would expect at a ski touring center. This assures you a great experience.

WE HAVE SNOW! Located in the midst of northern Vermont's snowbelt, we have snow by mid-November and well into April when the rest of the state has warmed and is dealing with mud conditions.  Our Micro-climate in Eden Mills produces an abundance of snow that is legend in Vermont.  There is a folk saying that when the rest of the state is raining, Eden Mills has snow.  So please, if you are sitting around your B&B, Inn or Ski Lodge and wondering how to salvage your vacation because of lack of snow - call us at 802-635-9070 and ask us about the snow conditions on our trails!

And please think about us for your spring, summer and fall fun getaway in Vermont.  Our special trails allow us to give you a wonderful dog-sledding-on-wheels experience through the beauty of this special Vermont wilderness experience.  See our special section on this adventure.  You get to learn about the sport, hitch the dogs and ride off onto our special trails.  Mid-point through you will stop at the pond and participate in the antics of our dogs as they swim in the pond, free race at incredible speed for cookies and perform to amuse you.  After another ride you can enjoy lemonade and cookies at a picnic table around the property and/or bring a picnic lunch to spend more time with our wonderful views and quiet.