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Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a healthy, happy home for our dogs-including our retired race/tour dogs-while giving guests of all ages a hands-on, educational, and magical experience. 

About Us

Jim Blair is the owner and visionary of Eden Dog Sledding and Dogsledding-On-Wheels.  A life-long love of sports and being raised with loving dogs from birth on, he finally combined both interests in Skijoring and racing sprint dog teams.  Semi-retired, he has won numerous regional and national titles including the International Six Sled Dog Sprint title and U.S. National Skijoor champion - where the cross-country skier is pulled by dogs.  Loving dogs and believing that our wonderful companions deserve quality of life from conception through retirement, he founded Eden Dog Sledding as one of North America's only free-range kennels where dogs are not chained.  The specially engineered trail system allows him to share the love of the sport with guests in a Discovery Channel type tour where they get hands on experience and a wonderful, thrilling ride that is safe both for the guests and the dogs.  His hope is that by sharing his kennel of loving, fun, huggable Alaskan huskies with guests, and the wonders of Eden Dog Sleddings remote location, that they will go home with great memories and thinking about the fun they can have with their own dogs.

The UN-Chained Gang is our amazing group of friendly, people-loving, athletic, and high-performing dogs.  CLICK HERE for a list of our current canine members and CLICK HERE for some of their portraits.

There are lots of things we'd like to share about us, our incredible Vermont location, our love of dogs, dog sledding, dogsledding-on-wheels and dog powered sports and our ethical approach to raising, training, and keeping sled dogs. Please select from a category below and explore the rest of our site through the menu bars. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at 802-635-9070.

Thank you!