Eden Dogsledding Eden Dogsledding

  YES, we are ETHICAL DOGSLEDDING now officially OPEN for 2021. SEE Link to Dogsledding-on-Wheels.
EXCLUSIVE, ONLY your family LIMITED tours/times available, we wear facial coverings. We offer the REAL CALL OF THE WILD/ true Heritage experience, with our race champion Alaskan Huskies. The magnificent, only miles of sledding 0n 140a private  trail system in North America, normally snow filled and gorgeous. Experience our approach to how we care for these precious sled dogs, the only place like this!

PLEASE CALL 802-635-9070 to discuss the possibilities. We cannot answer email or text messages at this time. Open daily, 10am, 1pm, 3pm. Due to Covid, we are offering very limited, exclusive tours with only your family here at each time. Popular BETA tour $795 through the 2022 Winter season, limited, private for your safety!

Our popular tour choice for the holidays, is offered exclusively from Dec. 18 thru New Years weekend, $845. The two-hour tour includes interaction with our friendly Alaskan sled dogs, COVID-19 guidelines, limited hands-on harnessing and outdoors hitching your team of the incredible, one of a kind UN-Chained Gang, including a spirited ride on our outstanding private 140A designed for dogsledding trail system, in this famous snow belt. Afterwards, give plenty of treats for the dogs, refreshments for you. Couple or family maximum to 6 will be taking turns on the ride. 350lb max passenger weight. XL Sled or Splitting the ride time tours available. Winter schedule can be seen below, more choices including lessons. COVID - 19 guidelines wearing masks, 6' social distancing: Limited HANDS ON HARNESSING OUR FRIENDLY, precious sled dogs at this time. New or Fresh, Cleaned Blankets for your warmth and safety, not shared with other guests. 2021/2022 hours 10 am, 12:30, 3 pm.


  NOW OPEN - LIMITED DAILY TOURSMush! With our HUSKIES, Alaskan Huskies!It's time you had this lifetime experience!  Come and immerse yourself in an authentic dog sledding adventure that is also a live Discovery Channel type tour that is our Covid-19, safe, fun, and educational.  Meet Jim Blair's unique UN-Chained Gang, our lovable, huggable, Alaskan huskies, and learn about their emerging Canine Consciousness. Covid-19 limited harnessing and hitch your team, may be the best part of your experience! Then go for a cushioned dog sled ride on our premium trail system through our 140 acres of pristine dog sanctuary, amidst 3,000 acres of beautiful Vermont woodland and mountain scenery.  Return with giving treats to the lovable sled dogs, and refreshments for you.



The UN-Chained Gang, Our 30 Alaskan Huskies find joy in running, hugging, and giving you a ride for an educational experience you will cherish for a lifetime! Please call 802-635-9070 to discuss your options and how we can assist you.

WE HAVE MORE SNOW!!!Our micro climate and elevation promises reliable mountain snow from December to April, and lots of it.  Don't let your plans be foiled by lack of snow elsewhere; Eden VT boasts some of the highest snowfall amounts in the state of VT and New England!

Please go to our direction page or ask us for directions so that you don't find yourself on seasonal roads. 4WD or AWD is required due to winter snow covered roads or Springtime mud season.  *Please DO NOT use std dash GPS or Map Quest, ETC. WE DO NOT TOW or want you to get lost/ stuck on a nearby snowmobile trail! Costs plenty to be towed out!  *GOOGLE MAPS FINDS US CORRECTLY ON YOUR SMART PHONE*


  This form only to present your information, then please CALL 802-635-9070 to reserve a day and time.
                                CLICK HERE TO REQUEST A TOUR RESERVATION
                          For tour reservations please call toll free - 802-635-9070 NO texting
TOUR RATES ARE PER SLED TEAM - family/couple. COVID -19 guidelines followed.
                 Due to many chores, do not arrive before appointment. Thank you.    

We also offer lodging STAY AND SLED PACKAGES for our prefered guests visiting for Jims incredible dog sledding experience. Come stay with us at our Eden Mountain Larkspur Lodge, Foxglove and Buttercup cabins.  http://www.edenmtnlodge.com


THE UN-CHAINED GANG TOUR -  Choice of either an Educational or Ride-the-Runners Tour
Our one-of-a-kind exclusive tours provide you with plenty of knowledge and hands-on time with the UN-Chained Gang!  Step into the unique world of dog pack dynamics.  On arrival, guests begin with meeting our 32 Alaskan sled dogs and learn about our never chained, general husbandry that is totally unique.
Enhanced InteractionTour
guests are then given a back of the house tour with kennel, nutritional and more in depth husbandry information.   All tour guests get hands-on dog time and learn about your team of exceptional Alaskan Huskies, their personalities, and the dynamics of the pack.  Our dogs are highly socialized, friendly and exceptionally loving!  Then experience getting to harness and hitch them to the sled for your tour, followed by a 45 minute scenic dogsled ride on our 5 star trailsystem, with one of our informative Musher Tour Guides.
Ride-the-Runners guests, up to two people, then get to drive the sled for 10 minutes with a couple of runs on our established section of trails.  A taste of mushing that will leave you wanting more!  What an exciting way to end this lifetime experience! CLICK HERE for more details!
The UN-CHAINED GANG TOURS includes added Covid-19 service fee.

Standard sled up to 350 lbs passenger weight,  XLARGE sled up to 380 lbs pasenger weight.
if there are more people in your party or if weight limit is exceeded.

3 - 4 hrs incl. harnessing

$1495 plus        tax



ALPHA TOUR. COVID-19 GUIDELINES WILL APPLY! Limited hands on due to social distancing
Our premium tour!
  Experience the dog pack-dynamics unique to our ethical dogsled operation and learn about our world of dogsledding.  50 - 60 minutes of friendly dog time includes dogs introduction, harnessing your team and hitching them to the sled.  Participate and witness the adventure and romance of wilderness dogsledding with a magical and spirited 45 to 50 minute sled ride experience on our private and engineered, hand cut and maintained trail system. You will never forget it!  Includes one split ride for 30 minutes each or 3 split rides for 15 to 20 minutes each. If needed an XL sled for more comfort at additional cost.
CLICK HERE for more details! Want to drive a sled? Check out our Bonus Ride-The-Runners midweek only. We also offer lessons too! For group tours we offer this choice only per sled.

Alpha Tour is for up to 6 family members, adults and/or children.  Tour ride time is split with a passsenger exchange if more than 2 adults. Standard sled capacity 350 lbs passenger weight. Extra large sled up to 380 lbs. passenger weight additional $50. CLICK HERE  If there are more people in your party or if weight limit is exceeded. Extra persons add $25 each, maximum 6 persons including split ride times. Includes Covid-19 added service fee.


2 hrs + incl. harnessing
$995 plus tax


 EXCLUSIVE BETA TOUR.  COVID-19 GUIDELINES WILL APPLY! More careful hands on harnessing due to social distancing. Thanksgiving thru March, SNOW or No SNOW on WHEELS of FUN Reservations!
Our most Popular tour. An abbreviated version of the Alpha Tour that allows you to meet and experience the ethical, highly socialized UN-Chained Gang and their incredible pack dynamics! 45 minutes of dog interaction which includes limited harnessing and hitching your team, then our magical, spirited 40 minute sled ride on our 5 star trailsystem. Want to drive a sled? Check out our Bonus Ride the Runners. We also offer lessons too. Please consider our Fabulous winter dogsledding on wheels, with professional driver Jim Blair with moto cross off road riding experience, will leave you astonished and amazed at how fun this Hybrid sport can be, FUN, FUN, FUN!

Due to numerous tourists concerns about the unpredictable SNOW covered trail conditions, new rate restrictions apply. $795 for advance reservations only taken for SLEDDING ON WHEELS OR POSSIBLE SNOW SLED, For ONLY on SNOW, SLEDDING ONLY early season, with NO reservations taken allowing for cancelling due to lack of snow.

Up to maximum 6 persons, adults and/or children/350 lbs passenger weight standard sled capacity, $50 additional for extra large sled up to 380 lbs. passenger weight. CLICK HERE  if there are more people in your party or if weight limit is exceeded. NO Extra persons, maximum 6 persons per sled including two 30 min. split ride times. Split tours or extend the ride time to 30 minutes splits total 1 hr. ride time!

2 hrs incl. harnessing

$795 + 6% Tax

     10/1/3 pm tour times, 3pm if available



Our original OMEGA tour that ADDS the Ride-the-Runners add-on for two. Each person receives brief instruction, A 20 MINUTE RIDE and 15 minutes each driving your 7 to 10 dog team with our professional guide instructor. Available Limited days and times, snow conditions permitting.


FOR VERMONTERS, now for everyone! COVID-19 GUIDELINES. Careful hands on harnessing due to social distancing.
Our ORIGINAL tour that allows you to meet and experience the highly socialized, ethical UN-Chained Gang working Alaskan sled dogs, includes 30 minutes of social dog time. Help harness and hitch your team and let them take you for a magical, spirited total 30 minute ride on our specially designed and engineered 5-star private dogsledding trailsystem. Watch the team climb, dive and run on our twisty, rolling terrain through pristine forest, open pastures with outstanding views. Give treats for the precious dogs, refreshments for you afterwards. You'll never forget it.

DAILY at 3/4:30 pm only, scheduled time available. Maximum 4 adults OR 2 adults and 1-4 children. Experimental Weekends Beta tour 10am, 12:30, 2:30pm, at 4:30 Omega only

350 lbs passenger weight sled capacity. $50 additional for extra large sled up to 380 lbs passenger weight.  Some blackout days apply over holiday periods.  Split tours add $50 for up to 6 persons.

$795 plus tax


      Incl. Harnessing

   1 hour 45 minutes
      $695 plus tax

Vermont Residents, NOW $595


A glimpse into the wonderful world of ethical dogsledding with the UN-Chained Gang sled dogs. Our program gives you an UN-Chained Gang Premium Tour while your added donation will help support our ethical treatment of working dogs here where the dogs come 1st.  For more details CLICK HERE and thank you!


         Added $1,000

Want to include more family and friends on your tour?Please CALL US. 

KIDS LOVE OUR TOURS! . If there are kids in your party please call us to find out if they can fit with you in a sled or if you have to consider the options below.

KIDS dogsledding, $495 + tax. Max 4 kids under 16yo, weight together under 350lbs. The same tour as our popular OMEGA.  Just for kids! $495 + tax

X-LARGE SLED add $50 - Our X-LARGE Sled can accommodate up to 380 lbs passenger weight.  Available when schedules and conditions allow. Because certain consideration for which dogs are required, tough on equipment and to steer, there is an additional charge for this service.

SPLIT TOUR add $50 - To any tour you can add a SPLIT, meaning we split the sled ride so all the members of your party can take turns.  Additional ride time is added so all of you can enjoy a thrilling ride.  For ex. The regular Beta tour ride time is 40 min, but when you add a SPLIT the ride becomes Two 20 to 25 min rides. Maximum 6 family or friends splitting two ride times per sled up to 350 lbs. total passenger weight.

You can also purchase another tour and have 2 sleds so your family and friends can all enjoy the full tour ride time together!

Large Group Tours -We can offer large group experiences for schools, scouts, and tour groups.  Please call us to discuss your Alpha tour, plans and needs and see our guidelines. 20% Gratuity will be added to the charge.

VERMONT residents, SINGLES and active miltary can receive a 10% discount on many of our magical dogsledding tours. BLACKOUT PERIODS MAY APPLY. VT ID required. Vermonter tour

  Kids Only        $495+tax

XL Sled Each $50 additional, Split ride turns $50 extra


ADD ON Bonus Ride-The-Runners  Want to feel the rush of driving your own dog team?  Then our Bonus Ride the Runners option is for you and can be added to the end of certain tours.  A once in a lifetime mushing experience!  10 - 15 minutes Includes brief instruction and driving your team with our professional guide at the end of the tour, AVAILABLE MIDWEEK ONLY.  Available certain times and conditions.  Not available with groups due to time limits. We also offer full Mushing lessons.
Ride the Runners add-ons are subject to having ideal snow conditions.  NOT available during busy Holiday periods or with groups.

add $100

per person

Kennel Tour  Want to learn about dogsledding & mushing, but your not so keen on the sled ride?  The Kennel Tour is for you! Come and see how Jim Blair raises the UN-Chained Gang to be his sled dogs who love to run, but who are also healthy, friendly, and sociable.  See how the dogs interact within a pack dynamic and how this sixth generation has evolved to display a collective Canine Consciousness.

$250plus tax     

           up to 4 people

Ride The Runners Lessons  You don't want to just ride in the sled-you want to ride the runners and learn how to drive your own dog team and control the sled!   CLICK HERE for more details.

1 LESSON-A beginner lesson or an advanced lesson dependant on your skill level, $Call for 1 person or for a shared lesson (2 person MAX, 1 sled will be shared)

2 LESSON VALUE PACKAGE-2 Lessons for a discount price of $( save $)!  $ Call for 2 persons. Gets you a beginner lesson and your advanced lesson, or 2 people can share and get 1 separate lesson each.

4 LESSON VALUE PACKAGE-Four lessons for the great price of $ (save $)!  This is a great value for families or couples who want to learn to mush and who want their own lesson with a private guide.

Junior Ride the Runners Lessons  Kids will be considered on a case by case basis.  CLICK HERE for more details.

$Callper lesson

$Call for 2 person shared lesson
plus tax

see Package Deals!!



Reservations are necessary. During busy holiday and vacation periods early booking is encouraged.
A credit card number is due upon booking a tour or lesson.  If a tour is not cancelled with more than 24 hours (48 hours Holiday periods) notice a 50% cancellation fee of that tour price will be charged to your credit card. 

We are not a FAIR WEATHER ONLY business! We run tours 99.9% of the time in all types of weather conditions in Vermont!  In the event of extreme weather we reserve the right to alter your tour for your comfort and safety.

We accept all Major Credit Cards.  5% discount offered for cash payments.


Tour times are every day at 10:00/10:30 am; 1:00 and 3:00 November - April, and 10:00 am, 1 pm, and 3:30 March -April(see Summer Tours). Evenings and other times by special appointment. Reservations required.


Warm Clothes; socks, boots, mittens, scarves, hats, goggles - we do supply hand and toe warmers and have extra goggles if you do not have them or forget. Do bring your cameras and extra batteries and media cards as the number one complaint we get from our guests is that they wished they could have taken more pictures!

What to Expect of our UN-CHAINED GANG TOUR:

The ultimate dog sledding experience! This is one of our premier experience and educational tour. You will arrive and park in our designated parking area. Bring your goggles, hats, gloves, boots and warmer clothes to our heated, finished Barn and Learning Center.

For the Premium tour you can expect to be visiting with us for 2 1/2 plus hours. The first part of your tour is about an hour of meeting the dogs, learning about the sport of dog sledding, the roles each dog plays on the team, the care and breeding of our amazing dogs, our distinctive ethical and humane dog husbandry and the various dog powered sports that people participate in. You will be able to ask questions, get on a sled to see how it handles and take lots of pictures as you interact with our dogs. Next you learn to harness and help to hitch the team to the sled.

The second part of your tour is spent on our wonderful, specially engineered trails that are kept well groomed for your fun and safety. The long range views here are really spectacular. There are many opportunities to stop to take pictures. At the end of the ride time there will be the oportunity to drive the sled  with your musher as passenger.  Afterward you can give treats to your canine friends as a reward for the adventure they have just given you - and take more pictures!

The last part of your tour is spent back in the warmth of our learning center. At your request, children receive a colorful Certificate, signed by their musher, this is great for framing and taking to show and tell. We offer hot beverages and cookies while relaxing by the woodstove. A slide show of our huge photo collection is playing on the large screen television and we will answer any further questions that you might have. You may wish to use our changing rooms so that you can go on to a meal in one of the fine area eateries or restaurants. Call 802-635-9070 for any questions that you may have!

What to Expect with a Split Tour:

The split tour is the same as the Premium - Standard tour as far as the fun, dog centered, educational component for the first hour. The difference is that when you have more than two passengers, and do not wish to book two sleds, we allow your family or group to split the second hour and share ride time with two 30 minute rides. This is accomplished by having some members of your tour start the ride with the dogs for the first half of the tour. The rest of your group accompanies a guide who takes you to a scenic portion of the trail where the dogs and musher will stop so that you can exchange places and take the rest of the tour. Our guests find that this is a way that family and/or two couples can both have the great experience of our dogs and our scenic ride in the midst of three thousand acres of wilderness at a lower cost than booking two sleds. Please note: Booking two or more sleds is fun also because it means that your group will go out together and each member will enjoy a full hour tour with the dogs! Please call 802-635-9070 to answer any questions you may have!

Alpha Tour - Harness, Hitch and Hit The Trail Option:

Our most popular tour is 2 hours long and for people who want to experience our wonderful, loving dogs and a great sled dog adventure at our pristine and scenic retreat but not have the extensive educational information of the UnChained Gang Tour. It is also great for families with small children who are not yet old enough to appreciate the educational component that we try to offer here but can still thrill to the ride. You get to meet the dogs, harness and hitch them and then go for a 45 -50 minute sled ride on our beautiful trails - we simply remove part of the educational component of the first hour. After your ride and feeding the dogs their cookie treats, you are welcome in our wood stove heated lounge to sip hot beverages and munch cookies.

Beta Standard Tour - Harness, Hitch and Hit The Trail - Split Tour Option:

The split tour is 2 hours long and accommodates a family or group who cannot fit in one sled and do not want to book two sleds. The rest of your group accompanies a guide who takes you to a scenic portion of the trail where the dogs and musher will stop so that you can exchange places and take the rest of the tour. When the dogs come by they will stop to let you trade places. Each half of your group will be receiving a ride of 25 to 30 minutes - it is a fun packed and a memorable experience. Afterward you can reward the dogs with treats and then warm up in our wood stove heated lounge while enjoying a hot beverage.

Lessons are available only Monday thru Thursday. Please inquire.                                                 

Ride the Runners Lessons:

Come and feel the adrenaline rush of driving your own dog team!  Our facility is unique in its ability to offer this lifetime experience. Your first lesson is an orientation of how a dog team is put together, the role each dog plays on the team, driving tips and how the sled functions.  You will ride in the sled and get a sense of the trails' terrain, the speed of the dog team and the feel of the sled. During that lesson you will have an opportunity to ride the runners with your experienced guide. If there are two people you will share this experience together with one sled dog team and one guide. On the second lesson we will give you your own team to drive with the background you gained in your first day's experience, with your guide riding as passenger in the sled giving you instruction and helping you to gain confidence. No extra guests are allowed to ride in sleds driven by our students. Each lesson is up to 2 1/2 hours long and includes 1 hr sled time, plus personal intruction, harnessing & hitching, and watering of your team.  The two lesson series may be done on consecutive days, or on a single day with a mid-day break for lunch (lunch is not provided, please provide your own meal).

Junior Ride the Runners Lesson #1 (Ages 12 to 15):

For the prospective musher this tour gives a young person the opportunity to learn to drive a 4 sled dog team along with an experienced guide on your sled!  We start with an orientation, then you meet and learn to harness and hitch your team.  The next 30 minutes to an hour will be spent on our trails with you driving your team.  Lesson includes sled driving instructions, harnessing dogs, hitching to the sled, mushing on the trail, afterwards watering, un-harnessing and tossing out dog treats.  Each Junior Musher receives a certificate of achievement!

Advanced Junior Ride the Runners Lesson #2 (Ages 12 to 15):

Same as the Junior Ride the Runners experience but includes our longer intermediate trail system lasting between 1 to 1 ½ hours.  A higher level of fitness and strength are important for this adventure.  Also includes information on care, feeding and training. Each Junior Musher receives a certificate of achievement!

OUR COVETED LOVE OF OUR SLED DOGS DONATION TOUR! ($1,000 for 2 people) For those of you who love sled dogs and sledding  and want to give that thrill to others.  After deducting the cost of the Un-Chained Gang Tour center where we are providing ethical dog care - your donation will go towards providing underpriveledged Vermont children the experience of a lifetime.

Your tour begins with meeting your 10 dog team, learning about the UN-Chained Gang's unique husbandry, harnessing and hitching them to the sled and proceeding on the tour of our magical trails!  Afterward we will water dogs, thank them with treats and put them away in their yards!  Don't worry, we won't ask you to clean the dog yard or scoop poop!

We will discuss with you how your donation might to be applied.  Currently we support SledDogWatchDog.com dedicated to bring awareness to the public of abuses at all levels of the sled dog racing and commercial tour industry; and we are building towards founding a non-profit that will support research into dog consciousness, how pack raised/human raised dogs differ from traditionally raised dogs in their ability to interact with humans and aid in supporting challenged adults and children; legislation to specify ethical dog care at all sled dog facilities and kennels; public awareness campaign.  Come have fun and make a difference!  (Please Note:  We welcome donations at all levels - whether or not you come to visit the dogs and take a tour!  Please support the Facebook page, HugASledDogToday! and show your support by writing legislators, resorts and tourism boards to let them know that you will only support Ethical Sled Dog Care.

Please get DIRECTIONS from our website or call us at 802-635-9070 if you have questions. GOOGLE MAPS ONLY on your smart phones DOES WORK!!! DO NOT use DASH mounted GPS or MAPQUEST, as they can send you down seasonal closed roads. CELL signals are not great in our area, please inform yourself beforehand.