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Guidelines for Large Groups

Dear Friends, 

Thank you for your interest in booking your winter dog sledding adventure for your group with Eden Dogsledding and Dog-Sledding-On-Wheels.  We can arrange our tours and educational experiences around the needs of your group.  Please call us at 888-635-9070 to discuss your specific needs and goals.  However, for larger groups that want simply to have a fun adventure with our loving, joyful and huggable champions, we offer the following guidelines and rules.  Please remember that we are an ethical, free-range kennel that specializes in education, safety and fun for humans and lifelong, quality of life for the dogs that provide the excitement and special memories giving our tours.  Our guide-lines and rules reflect the experience that we have had in the past with putting together fun, safe, memorable experiences for larger groups that take into consideration the safety and well-being of our dogs:


1.  Please call in advance to arrange the time for your tour.  We are able to supply the extra sleds and dogs to provide for your group's outing by having caring, experienced mushers with their own teams of dogs come, often from a neighboring state, to provide you with the best quality experience that we know you deserve. We only provide tours by ethical, caring mushers who treat their dogs with the utmost respect for their lifelong quality of life.  It takes time for these mushers to arrange their work and kennel lives so that they can come to our dog centered retreat in Eden Mills so that they can share with you their love of this fantastic life with dogs.

2.  All booked tours must be paid, in full, in advance.  It takes much effort and expense on our part and the part of the other kennels supplying your tour to be here.  Gas and travel expenses for a team of dogs is no small consideration for a musher/kennel owner.  Unfortunately, a few groups have not understood this in the past, have not understood our care and dedication and the dedication of the independent mushers and their kennels, and thus we must require the payment in full. We understand that sometimes the interests of some of the members of your group may change at the last minute, however our mushers have honored your request by driving their dogs and equipment in, often from hours away. 

3.  Normally we can not book any more than five sleds to go out at any one time slot.  We have your safety, pleasure and fun in mind, as well as the safety of the dogs.  For very large groups we can schedule several time slots with the members of your group, who are not mushing, being able to enjoy hot beverages, cookies and videos on our large screen TV by the woodstove in the comfort of our Educational Center in our large barn.  (Yes we have restrooms and changing areas for the comfort of your group.)

4.  All sleds have a weight and passenger limit.  We have specially sleds that are specially designed by our owner, Jim Blair, for comfort and safety.  Most of our sleds have a 350 combined weight limit, and one has a capacity over 350 pounds.  It is the responsibility of the tour group leader to survey the weights of all passengers and convey that to us ahead of time so that we can properly take care of your needs. We understand that humans come in all shapes and sizes - in order to give you a fun, safe tour there are times when one individual may require a whole sled to themselves - for their safety and for the dogs - so please help us to serve you by honestly evaluating your group.

5.  Your group must come on time!    We ask that large groups have vehicles with four-wheel drive and/or snow tires and that you arrive on time. Our winter tours have scheduled times.  If you arrive late then you are taking away from the tours after your group who may have booked months in advance and come from great distances and/or a foreign country just to have one of our Discovery Tour type adventures.  Please come on time and feel free to enjoy a hot beverage in our educational center before your tour. Warning: GPS, MAPQuest and other computer generated systems will get you lost ! - See #6 below.

6.  DO NOT USE GPS, MAPQUEST OR ANY COMPUTER GENERATED DIRECTIONAL SYSTEM ! ! !  Please download our directions from the website, use our brochure or ask us for directions over the phone.  The computer and GPS systems send people in the wrong direction and get them lost, often stuck on snow mobile trails.  Cell phones don’t work out here so not only will you miss your tour you may be in danger.  PLEASE get proper directions and follow them.


7.  Please understand that we cannot add extra passengers and sleds at the last minute.  We do not want to turn anyone away.  However please call in advance if you have extras you want us to add or an unforseen weight accommodation.  Unfortunately, in the past, because of excitement, groups have shown up with more than the number of guests they have booked for and/or people who needed special accommodations for their weight that we have not been able to accommodate spontaneously.  Extra guests may come and view our lectures, watch the exciting takeoffs and rest comfortably in our woodstove, heated lounge and educational center where they can enjoy hot beverages, cookies and watch fun dog sledding videos.


Please call us toll free, 866-675-9070 to discuss all of your needs.

Thank you!!!!!