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The Luna Tales

The UN-Chained Gang, Eden Ethical Dog Sledding and The Canine Consciousness Project are please to announce our new fantasy adventure tale - - The Luna Tales – Book One – The Wisdom Runners  is Coming Soon on Amazon, I-Books and Audible!!!

A wonderful adventure that is geared towards children grade five through adult – The Luna Tales star Luna, Peaberry, Maple, Stormina and the rest of the UN-Chained Gang! It is being called the North American answer to C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia and the Harry Potter series - - with sled dogs!

The Luna Tales Cover

From the back cover:

Read the Reviews!

Review: “When I first read Luna Tales Book One “The Wisdom Runners”, I knew it was something special. The fact that it is a complicated and long novel written by a woman who has managed autism all her life is a triumph on it’s own, but in addition it is truly beautifully written. The characters are engaging and real even though they are mostly in a fantasy setting; the story begins with heart-pounding action and continues with just the right blend of peaceful or joyful moments and urgent, nail-biting scenes.

It’s a tale that encourages us to nourish ourselves in body and soul and does so with emotion and truth. If you have felt our world keeps inching or sometimes racing to a dark place, you’ll recognize what the main characters are fighting. You will also feel the important ray of hope that by nurturing ourselves and building a strong healthy base, we will be able to light the world (and any worlds connected with us!) with truth and kindness. There is a call within these pages for us to each change – a call to rebalance the equation. When I read the story for the first time I knew that, yes, I was reading about the white dog Luna’s world, and the world of the other Wisdom Runners, but I was also reading about our world. All creatures, all things, all interconnected in ways we can see and in ways we can’t.

I am proud to have played the small role I have in bringing this book to your hands.

Tanya Sousa - publisher Radiant Hen Publishing; Author of many books, including the award winning: The Starling God     View The Starling God's book trailer 


I finished the Luna Tales last night... I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel it's such a great, important tale for adults and young ones alike. It definitely feels like Narnia and has elements of the Wizard of Oz... yet all with the awakening elements and teachings of intuition, psychic communication, the power of love and light... I mean, wow, I think the scene when all the doggies are doing the MC Hammer dance and the jig to the "Devil went down to Georgia' song and the Ice Beings imploding... well, that was one of the most powerful and fun way to deliver some huge Truths... one of the best scenes I've ever read in any book!!!   Overall, this Book One of the Luna Tales is a compelling adventure story in a magical world with fun, sympathetic characters, who transform themselves and their world in powerful ways via ancient wisdom and Truths... I recommend it highly to anyone! 

                Mikaela Jones, Author, A Little Book of Light 


I loved Book One of The Luna Tales (Tails).  I work with clients who are challenged, often emotionally challenged, and this book offers wonderful insights and supports.  Deborah Blair and I share the understanding that simple, sustainable food and exercise is not only healthy but also healing.  Luna Tales gives many guides for positive living and positive action and positive change.  But best of all are the teams that include dogs and people working together in all kinds of ways. As a proud member of Corgi Nation, I look forward to The Luna Tales - Book Two!

Barb Meyer, CPC, CES, Life Coach, Focus on Ability, Inc.